Chronicles of trekking down Ghale gaun (COULDN’T FINISH IT)

Neat, crisp, soothingly cool, aroma of sun-dried sheet drawn tight across the bed of warmly lit bedroom with a set of mighty curtains draped right over the head of canopy bed, cheeks well rested on the freshly fluff pillows, while my body almost engulfed in the mattress, as sleep laid on the scale of my... Continue Reading →

Trip tea's playlist

Intro Moonlight Easy Lust For Life Phir Le Aya Dil What do I know about love? (Interlude) Tum Jab Paas King Of My Heart Up All Night Hataarindai, Bataasindai Sweet Creature


November 17, 2019, Kathmandu After school I do my evening lunch with my friend Aaditya in one of the most known places in Kathmandu for best local jhol momos, we admire the steamy environment, bustle of customers, the thin dough of the momo that bursts open with oozes of buffalo juice, it's perfectly salted jhol... Continue Reading →

Sick of losing soulmates.

The day it felt that we were no longer together, I decided not to take the bus, I would rather walk, so I decided to get off before two stops actually, I studied my black boots which looked like it had dipped in the mud while the khalasi dai was giving me my changes, "Kata... Continue Reading →

A note to self.

Dear diary, As a normal functioning 19 year old, sometimes I feel like I am tiptoeing on the edges of bipolarity. Either everyone around me don't feel as intensely as I do or they simply are better at hiding it. It will hit me with complete 360 mind fuck, if people didn't acknowledge any of... Continue Reading →

Slept through it all.

I wrote this poem right after I sneaked out of of my date's apartment, with a heavy heart knowing this was just another futile attempt and it wasn't going anywhere towards the direction i wanted it to go. One can argue this is just trial and error, nitty gritty of being a
young guy at this late teens trying to figure out what love, desire, sex and relationship means.
For me it was a flow of emotions, mix of chemicals and something I will remember for the rest of my life.


The poem specifically talks about a failing date, barely making up to the relationship talks, but we somehow try to push it at times, even when it is not working, we would rather worship a false god rather than be mere godless.

Singing In Daylight (S.I.D)

This poem is a Polaroid picture of my life right now, the pictures represent warmth of being with someone new, it is fresh and new but at the same time with lot of anxieties and uncertainty.

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