A very high trip to Chitwan! Honest review lmao

Dear diary, The morning basically started with me waking up with barely 3 hours of sleep, thanks to the alarm clock that went off at four! And then I woke everyone else up, I yelled and screamed and yanked people through phone cause I’m the “mom” of the group. Hypocritically after that, I felt asleep,... Continue Reading →


KALO 101!

16th December, Nagbahal, Patan Small alleyways, aesthetically pleasing array of brick houses with intricate traces of Malla dynasty architecture, a small “KALO” is smeared and written over the entrance wall of kalo 101. The art space welcomes us in an atmosphere of blue light bulbs, and a cute hand-written sign that reads, “Shoes off, bags... Continue Reading →


I was destroyed with your abusively shrewd traits and my desperation, both of them wanted to throw out my assumption of you as, “False hope” Lately, I doubt a lot. Deep inside I know I am safe and sound, grounded. I know, I know but there are a lot of things I don’t know and... Continue Reading →

Back and Forth.

I’ve been throwing off my dignity, trailing; hoping too long, too much that you will pick them but you never do it. With your cruel back and forth I was ready to label you as unapproachable and hatred. Your fast paced sentences and, mumbles made me hate you. Mostly I hated you, because you wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Ping-Pong of maybes and laters.

The Games, We play our custom made games. Playgrounds confined within our minds. The games where there are few unwritten rules and a lot of speculations. The one where shrugs replace nods of yes, eye rolls replace flirtatious smiles, emotional transparency is as light as breeze and spontaneously careless. The game of “we don’t care... Continue Reading →

Half of my wardrobe is on your bedroom.

Sparks flew from across the room, jet lights of green, red and blue when our eyes got locked in the midst of people giggling, fooling around, dancing, whispering and moving.  I felt the mutuality through glances. Call it luck or something else; it seemed as if my dumb, horrible interpreter brain was baptized with some... Continue Reading →

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