Sipping this liquor, making you listen.

That slow burn wait,
Traveling through the throat
Settling down the chest
In the midnight summery days,

We’re swept away by breeze
In a balcony’s corner
Where the lights hung low,
Ceiling so high, life moves slow.

I know it’s dumb.
But I still want you to listen.

Just start listening,
As I carry my burden on my chest
Listen between those sobs and silence
Such a burden
It’s just burning

So, maybe just hang with me?
Just bear it with me,

Till the sun shows up,
And we chase our directions.
Until then,
Just hang with me.

Running around,
Always with that pretence of fun
Heads up, hopes down and shoes off
I shun everything under the sun

At least I can admit “I am fucked up” over here
The least I can do is be messed up over here

They don’t know me well
And my rants of midnight rush
They will never understand a sinner
Nor Brutality of an evening crush.

So, please just hang with me?
Just bear it with me

Till the sun shows up,
And we chase our directions
Until then just hang with me.

And if we ever,
Ever run out of topics
We could always belt out radios hits
And obsess over our usual blown up shit.

I hope the sun never shows up.
I wish I never had to grow up.

Just us,
Listen as sea of my thoughts splashes,
Watch each other burn into ashes,
Then, heal each others gashes.

So, just hang with me.



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