You are like my wine stained shirt that I can not, should not wear.

I know better at this point.I must, because I  cannot go through all this. Not again. Not with you. You are the high tides of clear blue water which never stays constant nor that it should. Otherwise that would be unnatural. Yet somewhere inside me I have this slightest bit of tendency towards incase. Incase... Continue Reading →


Man enough?

(Join us to normalize modern masculinity. Let’s just get rid of these gender stereotypes.) Maybe I was around 5 years old. My daddy had bought me a new 4 wheeler pedal bike. I was able to learn it as quick as possible and then after few weeks my dad got rid of the small wheels... Continue Reading →

Confession to my confetti

  "I have italicized my favorite lines from this blog :)" - lalahang Its 10:45 pm over here and all of these people chattering in my sitting room about their New Year resolutions got me thinking about the fact that it’s been almost a year now since we first met with some lame flirtation technique... Continue Reading →

Unquestionable answers

Dear hope, Why do I keep myself in delusion? Why am I letting you win over me? I won’t deny the fact that you make me insanely happy even though you have constantly bruised me, tore me apart but at the end of the day I find myself standing by your side just for that... Continue Reading →

Body Say

“Let’s not put a label on it Let’s keep it fun We don’t put a label on it So, we can run Free”- Tove Lo Never knew anyone can be so caught up in unattainable and unobtainable. You are every opposite thing that I stand for or what I find attractive in women. You are... Continue Reading →

who I am and why I’m here

Hello internet world!! My name is lalahang! Queer name? Well let me break it down for y’all! I love being buzzed which means I hum all the time and make chokers out of paper clips for my girlfriend! Just kidding. Trust me the only thing existing in my life with the word buzz is Buzzfeed... Continue Reading →

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