I can’t even spell “ADULTHOOD” Let alone living an actual adult life

I can’t even spell “ADULTHOOD” Let alone living an actual adult life

So, this is it! This is how it feels like when your age of innocence is over and you start marching towards being so called “fully fledged adult”. I almost feel like someone dosed me up with huge amount of ADHD medication and all I want is ESCAPE!! But where else can I go? Neither, there is a huge rock where I can crawl and hide under nor there is an invisibility cloak like in those Harry potter movies. This is how it feels like to be in a verge of fantasy and reality. I feel scared, confused………… lost!

Adulthood seemed like some treasure back then but according to the rule of universe as we get closer to things it gets uglier. When we see a beautiful white mountain we want to be there celebrate the beauty with it but as we start the journey towards it, the fast flowing river, slippery hills and muddy paths emerge becoming obstacles. Then a sudden ray of realization hits our cerebrum “adulthood sucks”. You may have thought your life as a straight pavement road but you won’t even realize when it turns into some pear shaped bewildering woods. You must have been crinkling your nose by now due to the negativity of this article! But I seriously thought adulthood was all about no instructions/restrictions and sex anytime you like! I didn’t quite realize the meaning of six syllables word “RESPONSIBILITY”. God the thought of being all by ourselves in this humongous world gives me chills. We have to literally take care of everything! And just the idea of drowning under jobs, actual money, health insurances, loans, and all those awful VAT & TAX paper works suffocates me.

I wonder how have been my parents and every single adult I know in the world have been surviving it. Now I feel like breaking and following set of rules is more fun than making one. Sometimes, I think of traveling away with some gypsy blokes setting off towards the sunset and than again I realize I can easily skip the responsibilities but there is a thing I can never ever skip. It is called TIME which will ultimately sneak up and bite my youth’s ass. During childhood I always had trouble understanding Peter Pan. Currently, I find myself being jealous of him because he found neverland! And I am never going to find it. No matter where I go, I won’t remain as I am today! Eventually I will suffer from aging leading myself to become old and dandy so there is no point on questing neverland.

I wanted to be an adult my entire life. Few years more and I will finally be an adult but I don’t think I want to be an adult anymore that makes me think DO WE HAVE A CHOICE? The answer is simply a big fat NO! Our life isn’t some dreadful series of TWILIGHT where everyone is vampire. No text books are going to help us being an adult in the safest way! They will only provide us guidelines as maps which won’t help us dealing with the obstacles. We won’t be able to deal with it until we face it. I don’t know the right way or wrong way to be an adult but I do know that it cannot be skipped like some school test. Sooner or Later this is going to happen to you, in fact to us. So, why don’t we prepare for those uncertainties right now? Why not to dream bigger? Why not to stop bragging about being a teenager? Why not to do something productive rather than high school gossips?

The sea of responsibility might be bigger and stronger than us. We need to let it all in and drown in order to swim and every single that we fight for will make us stronger. Hence, all I can say until we be become an actual adult is let’s make a mindset “We all are capable of doing anything we just need to BE IT, DO IT, MAKE IT!”