Sipping this liquor, making you listen.

That slow burn wait, Traveling through the throat Settling down the chest In the midnight summery days, We’re swept away by breeze In a balcony’s corner Where the lights hung low, Ceiling so high, life moves slow. I know it’s dumb. But I still want you to listen. Just start listening, As I carry my... Continue Reading →


I know you won’t remember in the morning, when I speak my mind.

An exception, liability, outcast, out of league and much more but not someone whom you ask to stay.   After our obvious deeds. I feel our young and blue bodies interwined as we lay. I can inhale you from you hair, felt so damn homely.  As the night gets youthful, I talk about my friends,... Continue Reading →

Yours, Truly disastrous.

Sorry, there is nothing pure about the things we do. You fight so hard, so much, Not to be seen, loved or heard.   Then, someone looks at you differently, And it’s fine. To give it in, tear it down, stripping it all.   But,   Vulnerability makes you loose it like shit.   They... Continue Reading →

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